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D.A. Landscape Plans creates Landscape Plans for:-

  • Council Development Application (DA)
  • Complying Development Certificates (CDC)
  • Housing Estate “Design Review Committee“.

Tough Plants for Commercial and Low Maintenance Landscape Design

We focus on this one area so we can keep the price to you down. Also so you know we can put all our attention to getting your plans right.

These simple plans are designed as a Cost-Effective and Prompt means of meeting your Council Guidelines. Therefore they will get you into your New Home Faster, and with Less Headaches. After that you can add to the design as you please, over time.

Pennisetum - Useful grass for planting in Rain-Gardens and OSD Basins

Plans include such items as:-

    • Planting Schedule (Botanical and Common names, Pot Sizes and Mature Heights)
    • Driveway location, materials and colour
    • Location, Heights and materials of Retaining Walls (unless otherwise specified)
    • North Point and Scale
    • Location, Size, and also Type of Planting
    • Details of Planting Procedure and Maintenance
    • Any other details as required by Council, Private Certifier or your Design Review Committee

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